Furniture 100% made of wood

82 years of experience and family tradition

The company has existed since 1939. Manufacturer of high quality exclusive furniture. We produce solid wood furniture and natural veneers furniture.

The company produces stylish furniture and in modern form. Our furniture is timeless all the time by lifecycle.

Our furniture is combination of unique design, innovative solutions with the natural beauty and qualities of wood.

Family company with long-standing traditions and rich experience.

Since 1939, three generations of the Kucharski family have been creating furniture in Swarzedz, a city well-known in Poland and abroad for its extensive furniture manufacturing and centuries-old workmanship traditions.

In our furniture design and manufacturing, we use only the highest-quality materials and environmentally friendly technologies. Our 100% wood furniture is unique thanks to the wood’s natural beauty and singular patterns, it is durable, reliable, and safe for all.

We mainly produce kitchen furniture tailored to the needs and ideas of our customers.

However, we also offer dining room, bedroom, hotel and restaurant furniture, produced according to our customers’ individual wishes, needs and specifications.

We are always open to finding new partners for long-term product cooperation.

We have decades of experience in manufacturing and comprehensive services. We ensure consistently high quality and fast order processing. Using modern technologies and combining hand-made details with industrial-level automatization , we set new standards for custom-made furniture.
We are always on top of what’s new in furniture manufacturing and remain open to ongoing development and new technologies. We regularly introduce new solutions and applications for the furniture we manufacture. We are steadfast in applying modern technologies and further optimizing our manufacturing processes.

Innovative solutions and a high level of flexibility have been a recipe for the successful development of our company. From the beginning, our brand has been synonymous with innovative and functional furniture, held to well established high standards. New product development and continued innovation presents an ever new challenge.

Never before have we had that many colors and wood structures available, allowing furniture makers to create a variety of visual effects in interior design. What used to be a limited selection of new materials has evolved into limitless creative potential. Our furniture maintains itsunique and functional design –customized shapes and modern ideas.

We manufacture furniture from solid wood and natural veneers.

The company effortlessly combines style with modern form, which means our furniture remains timeless throughout its entire life cycle. The company’s furniture combines unique design and innovative solutions with the natural qualities and inherent beauty of wood.