We offer:

  • customised kitchens
  • tables, benches
  • chairs
  • dining rooms
  • bathrooms
  • wall units
  • libraries
  • bars
  • cupboards

We specialise in top quality kitchen furniture, made of wood.

While our specialty is custom kitchen furniture, we also design and produce dining room and bedroom furniture, as well as non-standard hotel and restaurant furniture.

We are happy to accommodate non-standard orders related to your individual requirements.

Our furniture is characterised by modern design. Furniture include all objects and equipment used in interior furnishing, used for sitting, lying, working, storing objects and eating. The variety of furniture makes it necessary to divide it according to the following criteria: purpose, function, material, processing (manufacturing technology), surface finish, and construction.

The appearance and functional characteristics of furniture will vary according to those criteria and we are happy to work across the various furniture types and usage criteria.

Various designs and colours on request.
Manufacturer prices