The speciality of the establishment

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place where families meet to prepare and eat meals together. It is the centre of family and social life. The kitchen is undoubtedly of great importance in Polish culture. It is most often associated with the most cosy, warm room in the whole flat, which, regardless of the time of day, is vibrant with life all the time.

Our kitchen furniture is appreciated by our Customers. We make and design made-to-measure kitchens according to the Customer’s wishes and designs. Our aim is to adjust kitchens to individual needs of users and care about ergonomics. Maximum comfort and safety of the user are taken into account in the first place in the production of kitchen furniture.

For every housewife, the appearance of the kitchen is of great importance. It should be organised in a way that is functional, as well as practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetics is very important because it affects the well-being of people in this room. Therefore, it is important that the design is appropriate. Currently, among the kitchen decorating trends, there are two main ones: classic and modern. Kitchen furniture made in the classic style is characterised by traditional design and interesting and sometimes intricate decorative elements, which refer to previous eras. The most standard solutions include a simple line of fronts, stylized wooden accessories and warm colouring, which gives a special atmosphere. Thanks to such a decor, a nice, relaxing atmosphere is created in the kitchen.

Kitchen furniture in modern style is, above all, non-standard shapes and modern ideas. Most often glass, steel and aluminium elements are used in their production. Kitchens arranged in this style are distinguished by simplicity and ease in maintaining order.

The importance and function of the kitchen has evolved over the years. Previously, it was only a separate place, hidden from the sight of guests, where the servants or housewives prepared meals. Today, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Rational kitchen design has long been the subject of research and trials in many countries. New kitchen equipment and appliances are designed based on the results. In a kitchen, there is a working area, where the main tasks related to its purpose are performed, and a dining area, where the family eats full or partial meals; sometimes this area is also used for relaxation. The dining corner can be organized in the kitchen when it is large enough or, when the kitchen is small, it can be adjacent to the kitchen as a part of the adjoining room. The dividing wall between the kitchen and the dining room can be formed by furniture – sideboards that open on both sides. This is a place where we meet our family or friends over meals, cook together or spend a nice evening. More and more often we combine the living room with the kitchen, which makes it a showpiece of our home. Our company therefore pays great attention to its appearance, function and use.

In kitchen furniture, it is important to equip it with various auxiliary devices (accessories) to facilitate everyday work. These include, in particular, fruit baskets, bottle containers, net shelves, towel racks, etc.
Important components of many furniture constructions are fittings and accessories. Their influence on the quality of furniture, especially on the construction, functionality and aesthetics is very large. Therefore, we always choose the best proven solutions from renowned companies such as: Blum, Hettich, Hafele, Peka-Metall. There is a very wide range of furniture fittings. Our company chooses such fittings and accessories which meet many different requirements – they can safely carry heavy loads, are reliable and durable and meet appropriate aesthetic values. They should also decorate furniture. Requirements for fittings are their mechanical properties, efficiency and reliability of operation, durability and quality of external surfaces. A very popular system, chosen by many people, is the CARGO system, which allows for storing large quantities of dishes, containers and other small items. CARGO is a system mounted inside the cabinet, working on the principle of pull-out baskets that facilitate access to the entire contents of its containers in furniture of various sizes, such as those with non-standard shapes. The features are mainly convenience, safety, versatility and, above all, the most important for users, functionality.

In the production of kitchen furniture, the most important thing is that it is durable, because the kitchen is the most exploited place in the house, exposed to many harmful factors. To serve for years they should be made much more solid than ordinary room furniture, properly secured and assembled. That is why it is so important to use non-standard solutions, namely more durable ones.

In the production process we rely mainly on solid wood (oak, beech, birch, alder, pine, walnut) and wood-based materials, MDF boards veneered with natural veneers.

Nowadays there is a huge selection of accessories, additives, decorative elements, as well as equipment facilitating the use of kitchen furniture. Designers have unlimited possibilities due to new technologies. That is why contemporary arrangements are real works of art. And all this to make using them a real pleasure, not an unpleasant chore.

We kindly invite you to get acquainted with our offer and we guarantee professional service.