We are pleased to welcome you to a world full of beautiful furniture modelled on antique style.

We produce Antyk-Style replica XIX century furniture made entirely of solid wood (oak or alder).
We are the only company in Poland which produces this type of furniture Antyk – Style.

Antique furniture produced in our factory is a passion supported by years of learning, family tradition and lifestyle.
Perhaps because we manage to combine our hobby with work – and we are very lucky to do so – we are constantly gaining positive opinions and many satisfied customers, as we especially care for connoisseurs who honour us with purchases of our furniture.

We dedicate our offer to special clients – people with refined taste, who like unusual, luxurious interiors, but not only. We pay great attention to ornamentation, historical and aesthetic values, and the highest quality of our furniture. And this is exactly what our “Antique Style” furniture collection is.

Our furniture with its simplicity is characterised by the best execution in the antique style and the specific line allows us to stand out. The application of the latest production technologies allows us to rank these products among the elite in the antique style furniture market.